Your Design

  • We accept customised design from our client: from rustic and provincial, to contemporary modern furniture. This includes discussions with our carpenters and engineers regarding the measurement and materials required.

Product Development

  • Together, we will finalise your design.
  • We will work on the product costing and send our quotation to you.
  • Upon agreement, your design will be sent to our manufacturing department.


  • The manufacturing process will take about 10 to 12 weeks (for a full container).
  • We set a high-quality standard for our wood materials and construction which is why we apply wood treatment before the production process to increase furniture lifespan and maintain their sturdiness.
  • The detail of a product is our priority and we want to ensure the highest quality of your handcrafted furniture. Our professionally trained and highly experienced Quality Control team will thoroughly check all incoming materials from our vendors as raw body and outcoming products that have gone through the finishing processes before we send them to you.
  • Your selected finishing(s) is applied to your furniture.


  • Shipping arrangement will be discussed with you during the manufacturing process.
  • We will manage the shipping documents and procurement from Indonesia to your destination country.
  • We have a high standard packaging with excellent quality to ensure your furniture safe arrival.

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